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Google, the most used and popular search engine in the world, but how can I improve my Google search result?

Anyone who has ever used Internet from the twenty-first century on, can not fail to have hit on this search engine, but how to use google to best?

Its use is really simple, just write anything goes through your head, and in just a few hundredths of a second, our search engine, send us an infinite amount of results.

But how narrow results to what really interests us?

Did you ever think what you are looking for does not always appear in the top search pages?

As google can give us highly reliable results, not always it’s able to read our minds.

Here is how you can perform advanced searches to get the best results.


Search an entire phrase

When we write a whole sentence, Google, returns all results that contain single words only. To search for a whole phrase into Google it is not enough just to write the phrase, but we need to enclose it in double quotes.

See our favorite engine at work

How many results we get if we tried: how to travel free

search for all words

Roughly 581,000,000, but these results do not take care about order of our words.


Which is the case if we were to look for: “how to travel for free”

how to use google to search while phrase

The results will slash to 474,000


These results could still be too much for our research.

Discard some words

still narrow our search by eliminating single words that are not of interest to us, it helps us to have much more relevant results.

To do this we use the minus sign – followed by the word that we want to exclude.

Let’s look at the example

how to exclude word from google search results

We have eliminated all the results that contain the words almost and little, so we have narrowed the field of search to 38,700 results.


In this way, we instructed Google to search only pages that contain our entire keyword phrase and then we told him to discard all those that contain the words almost and little..

Results from a single website

It often happens that he saw an article on a website, but either some time has passed, or the latter is a news site, and then with continuous updates, it is almost impossible to visit the site, find what we’re looking for.

Even in this case our search engine has a solution.

Contain the results that come only from a specific domain

The keyword to use is site:

Let us for example read news about lady gaga only within

To narrow your search to a particular domain just type lady gaga

Be careful you don’t have any space after the colon.

how to use google to search only in a site's domain

You will see in this case only the results that belong to the site which will include the word Lady Gaga.


Search between two intervals

Another type of research we can do is look for something that is in a specific range. A classic example would be trying some news included in the year 2012-2014.

To teach our search engine that we want specific results within a range, you must enter after our word or phrase the interval and optionally also the measurement unit of or the symbol, such as

  • 10..35lb means between 10 and 35 lb
  • $300..$500 means all prices between 300 and 500 dollars
  • 2010..2011 means all dates between 2010 and 2011

how to use google for search between intervall

In this example we will look for all the results that contain the word vacuum cleaner and dates from 2015 to 2017.


Advanced Search

In addition to what we have seen so far, Google offers a more advanced set of search, where you can filter the results based, language, format, region and more.

The advanced search can be performed directly from the official page of Google Advanced Searches

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