How to setup bbPress to create a Forum

Last updated on May 8th, 2017 at 01:34 pm

cover - How to setup bbPress to create a Forum
Do you want to add new features to your website? Maybe you are thinking to add a Forum.
Then this tutorial is for you. WordPress template directory provides a bbPress plugin, easy and intuitive to create Forums and discussion groups.

What is bbPress?

bbPress is a very downloaded plugin, currently over 300.000 installations. The project is maintained by bbPress community and also provides extensive documentation for developers.

Defined by their community as the “Forum made for wordpress”.
Let’s look closely at how this plugin work.


First step, we enter into our WordPress control panel, let’s go to left side menu, on the Plugins menu, and await the drop-down menu that appears, select the Add new.

WordPress will load the plugin page, showing the most relevant ones now.
Go to the upper right corner, where you can type the name of the plugin.
Type bbPress and wait until the underside of the page shows us the results.
Installa plugin

Once ready we click on Install, wait until the operation ends and then Enable.


If the installation is successful, bbPress will show you a welcome message.

bbPress benvenuto

Once activated bbPress will add new features to our menu

New features

To start a new forum we go on Forum menu , then New Forum.
The page looks like a classic post, but with new features we need to create a new forum (right side menu)

Create new forum and see what it looks like.
To show it, press the upper link Show Forum
Create new forum

Well done our first forum has been created.
It looks like this.

your new first forum

Add new threads

Now only remains to create our favorite Forum and enter into discussions.

There are two ways to enter new threads

Method 1

From wordpress control panel Discussions, then Add new.

Always remember to include discussion forum parennt, in the right side menu under “Forum”.

Method 2

the classic, is to navigate the main forum and add a new thread there directly, without having to enter the control panel.

Customizing your profile

Other features is the account customization.
Once logged in, click on your name in the forums and begin to customize your profile.

Customizing your profile

Now you are ready to start building your community.
Use any theme is set for bbPress or create your favorite CSS.

Here’s what a forum with mywiki theme of WordPress.
final result with mywiki theme

Good luck and have fun.

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