How to add social share button with Sharify

Last updated on April 21st, 2017 at 06:54 pm

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The presence of the contents of a blog or any website on social networks, increases visibility more than 300%. Share on social is one of the basic steps to success on internet and SEO war.

WordPress has many plugins available, each with different options.
One of them is Sharify, simple to use, easy way to insert share buttons with social networks icons, in the beginning and end of a posts.


1. Installation

To test this plugin, first we need to install and activate.

Sharify icon

2. Settings

Once installed, Sharify add the settings menu to our wordpress menu, under the settings heading.

Sharify main settings

3. Placement

The first step to customize Sharify, is to choose which social buttons we want to enable, and where these are to be displayed.

The top of the Sharify “General Settings” allows you to:

  • display icon at the head of each post
  • display icon at the end of each post
  • load or not the google fonts
  • use the shortlink
  • disable icon when we use custom post layout
  • add a custom CSS

Sharify - Main settings


4. Set the preferences for each account

Last step to do, it just to customize how to display individual social button that we want to see. For all them settings are the same:

  • view icon for selected social networks
  • view icon in small size
  • button main color
  • button color on hover
  • Optionally user name for Twitter, and a custom message for sharing with Email

Sharify - Customize each account


Now the plugin is ready, there is nothing left to do, remember to save the changes and show the result.

Sharify in action


Optionally, Sharify can also be placed in specific page locations using the shortcode [ sharify ]


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