How to show web page source code

Last updated on March 17th, 2017 at 03:39 pm

How many times, viewing web pages around the web, you asked, how they are made? What is the source code of that page?
Complex or simple as they are, all the web pages are nothing more than HTML containers (Hypertex Markup Language).

To find out how these pages are made, we must do more than view their contents.
Each browser has its own shortcut to view the source code of the page.

Google Chrome page source

Open Chrome and browse to the address of the web page you want to view.

Goggle Chrome page source code

Click in any area of ​​the page with the right mouse button, click on the menu item View Page Source or typing on the keyboard simultaneously keys Ctrl + U.

Chrome showing html

Well done. The new page will open, containing all the HTML code of the page.

Learn how real-time edit the source of the page you are viewing right now.

Mozilla Firefox source page

Open Mozilla Firefox and navigates to any page you like, same thing, just click with the right mouse button in any area of ​​the page.

Mozilla Firefox page source code

From the drop down menu, select the View Page Source, or from the keyboard, press Ctrl + U.

Firefox will open a new tab, as in Chrome, which will display the html source code of the page.
Firefox showing html source code

Internet Explorer page source

Steps are the sane for Internet Explorer so simple. First, navigate to the desired web page.

Internet Explorer page source code

Loaded the page, right mouse click, and from the drop down menu, select HTML entry, or from the keyboard, press Ctrl + U.

Internet Exploer show source code

Internet Explorer will open a new page with the html source code.

To find out how to change realt time html of any page.

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