How to setup email address with Outlook

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Why to setup email address? Have you several accounts? Want to manage all your messages in one place? Don’t have time to open ten different web pages? With these simple steps you will be to  setup email address with Microsoft Outlook in a jiffy.

Having an e-mail address is fundamental nowadays. It serves as an identification document. There is no website or application, that at the time of registration does not require you to provide your email.

The problem is, there are so many services that offer an email address, and more and more often each of us owns more than one.

This becomes necessary when we want to separate for example, our private life from work

The only disadvantage is to be forced to visit every time the web mail site, to read our mails. The advantage of configuring a single software to have everything under control, will save us a lot of precious time.

Microsoft Ooutlook is the solution that gets the job. We begin now to set it up.

1. Open Microsoft Outlook

open miscrosoft office

Choose the manual configuration, it allows you to manually configure parameters.


2. Select account type

The first option allows us to configure a mail service, using the most popular protocols by ISP “Internet Service Provider”.

In most cases they are POP (Post Office Protocol) or IMAP (Internet Mail Access Protocol).


Without going into too much detail we take a quick look at the differences.

Using IMAP emails are stored on the server and you can download headers only, without need to download the content.


The benefits of using an IMAP4 compared to POP3

  • Allows sharing the same space between multiple users
  • A better method to access your mail from any device
  • Increased stability compared to the POP protocol (which charges several times the same messages)
  • Sharing the status message


With the use of IMAP mail messages are saved on the server and all users that connect to the box via client or Webmail, can view them.


3. Fill the fields with your details

setup outlook fill all fields

Mandatory fields to be filled are:

  • Name: The mnemonic name you want to assign to this new account
  • Address: Your full email address as
  • Account Type: Select IMAP or POP
  • Outgoing Server: Usually for pop will be, or for imap
  • Outgoing Mail Server: It is usually
  • Username: usernaname you created when you created your email
  • Password: Password: password for your email address

Some providers tend to use different ports for these services, and to set which ports are to be used, you need to access on the ‘advanced settings‘.


4. Click on “More Options”

how to setup outlook advanced settings

In the “Advanced Settings” tab, you can choose to change the port number for incoming and outgoing mail.

Optionally choose whether to use a type of secure connection, as long as the server supports it.


5. Setup outgoing e-mail

setup ougoing mail address

Under Outgoing Mail Server, if your account requires that outgoing mail is authenticated, tick the The outgoing mail server requires authentication, and provide credentials if different from those previously entered.


6. Test that everything works

At this point to make sure everything is set up correctly, on the main screen, click Test Account Settings…
setup outlook test configuration



If all settings are correct, your account will be successfully register.


Now you can choice if add other accounts starting again from step one, or hit finish to complete your registration.

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