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How many times you will have thought, wanting to format my computer, or to restore an operating system, but you found yourself faced with the problem of having to make bootable USB device.


Usually operating systems are distributed in ISO format, usually called image.


We can think of these files as archives, the only problem that the iso file to be started by the operating system need a medium such as CD, DVD, USB stick, with a bootable partition, commonly called “bootable device”.


Even if manually copying the .iso file to our support, the latter would not be able to boot.


How to make bootable USB device?

Any operating system you want to install Windows 7, 10, Ubuntu or another, we need to write the image files to the stick, so the new operating system will be recognized at startup, and will start with the installation.


In aid we can use various software, usually for installation of Microsoft’s operating systems, can be used a software created by company “Windows USB / DVD Download Tool parent (WUDT)” link
download Windows USB/DVD Download Tool (WUDT)


Once downloaded, open the setup, and start the installation.
step one install Windows USB/DVD Download Tool (WUDT)


The installer will do all the work for us, just press Next and Install, and wait until the installation process is finished, then press Finish.


Make your USB

Now “WUDT” installation will appear in the Windows Start menu.


Once started, with these simple steps, we can create our own USB bootable key

Step 1

Choose the operating system ISO file you want to install, and then click next.
How to make bootable USB device, step one browse iso from your pc


Step 2
Insert the USB stick, select USB device in our case, if necessary, you can also write the image to a DVD.
How to make bootable USB device, step two select the type of media


Step 3
In the dropdown menu, select our USB, and start copying files by selecting Begin copying
[Warning] all data will be erased from your USB, make sure you have saved your data, or if you only need to make a backup.
How to make bootable USB device, step three accept and erase all data



Step 4
Start writing the file, and wait for the copy done. It will take about 5 minutes depending on the performance of your PC
How to make bootable USB device step four, wait until all data are writted



Once finished, your bootable USB device is ready.

To use it, boot up your PC, selecting on the boot menu: Boot from USB.


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