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WordPress has earned the title of most used CMS, the reason is very simple, it is open source, it’s powerful, and it is expandable beyond imagination. How to install WordPress plugin to exploit new rich functionality.

Add functionality to WordPress CMS it can be done by programming the code in PHP or installing plugins already developed by third parties.

Since not all know how to use programming languages, the easiest way is to get a new feature thanks to its plugin.
The plugin around at the moment are about 50,000 and let you do all sorts of things, such as image galleries, slider, social links and so much more.

To get these new features so we need these pieces of code developed by the community of WordPress users.


But how to install WordPress plugin?

Installing them is very simple and you can do it in two main ways: by WordPress control panel or manually.




Step 1. Log in to your control panel
Usually the control panel is located at www.yourdomain.ext/wp-admin or www.yourdomain.ext/wp-login (replace yourdomain.ext with your site address)

how to install WordPress plugin - get access to the WordPress control panel



Step 2. Plugin
On the left sidebar, select Plugin > Add New

open the Plugins tab from the main menu on the left side


Step 3. Search your favorite Plugin
In the new screen, in the top right corner, enter the name of the plugin you are looking for, after a few seconds in the lower part, you’ll see search results

search plugin and your favorite from the list


Step 4. Enable and Install
Found the plugin for your needs awards Install Now and wait while the plugin is downloaded.
Now the plugin is downloaded, but its capabilities are not yet accessible to activate the last step is to activate the plugin downloaded by pressing the button Activate

install and activate the plugin you chosen


Now the plugin is active, depending on the features, you can find other items added to the left in the main menu.




Some plugins may not be in the official WordPress repository, usually the premium plugin found in other market place, and only after the payment you will have to install the plug-in ZIP format.
Manual installation requires two simple steps

Step 1.  Upload
Go into your domain controll panel or if you prefer using an FTP client, moved through the directories and placed in the /wp-content/plugins, now moves here all the folder contained in the zip file.


Step 2. Activate Plugin
Once the plugin has been moved into the plugins directory, you just have to do is to login in the WordPress control panel, open the Plugins tab in the left menu, look for your new plugin from the list and click Enable.


At this point your new plugin has been activated..


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