How to install WordPress on IIS

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Almost all WordPress installations are done on Linux with the Apache Web Server and MySQL, but if you’ve ever wondered, can I install WordPress on IIS (Internt Information Service)? The answer is very simple YES.

Install Wondpress on IIS in Windows environment is very simple, perhaps even easier than installing it in its native environment.

Here’s with simple steps, how to install WordPress on IIS


1. Download Microsoft Web Platform (Web PI)

Web PI is the tool that will allow you to install everything you need for your Web applications including WordPress and MySQL.

Go to Web PI official site, download, and launch the installation. Within seconds, Web PI is ready.

install wordpress on iis - web platform installer welcome



2. Enable IIS (Internet Information Service)

The second step is to activate the Web Server. The IIS features are included in Windows operating systems, to enable them proceed as follows:

Controll Panel > Programs and Features > Enable or disable Windows features

install wordpress on iis - open Enables or disables Windows features


Click Internet Information Service on the list, and then OK

installare wordpress su iis - install IIS


IIS is installed and activated automatically, to check that everything is working, open your favorite browser and the top address bar, type http://localhost, you should see the Welcome page of the web server

install wordpress on iis - welcome page of IIS


The page you just saw, for the default settings found in the folder you created during installation C:\intepub\wwwroot this is also the main entry point where you can add all your new sites


3. Enable PHP module for IIS

Now that the web server is active, you must ensure that it is available also the interpreter for the php file. To do that open Web PI, select the left Framework tab, then PHP 7.1.1 and finally add.

install wordpress on iis - activate the PHP module for IIS



4. Enables PHP Manager module for IIS

Enable the PHP management module for IIS, in this way you will have the ability to easily change the PHP settings within the IIS control panel.

NOTE: If you use Windows 10, during the installation of this module may returns error, see at the ends how to install PHP Manager for IIS on Windows 10


install wordpress on iis - PHP Manager



5. Install MySQL

he other component is the foundation to install MySQL database, always in Web PI, select Database  tab on the left, then MySQL for Windows, and then click Add.

Now install the modules selected by pressing Install. At this simply has to set the password to access the database, accept the license terms, and wait for the end of the installation.
iis install wordpress on - enter MySQL credentials

Completed the installation of MySQL server is performed automatically, the parameters are

  • Server Address:
  • Port: 3306
  • Directory: C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1
  • User name: root
  • Password: the one you entered
  • Database name: test



6. Enable PHP interpreter

It sometimes happens that the interpreter of the php file is not activated automatically. To enable Open IIS Manager (Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services Management), then select PHP Manager.

install wordpress on iis - enable PHP through php-cgi

then select the blue item Register new PHP version, e and enter the path of the php-cgi.exe file, usually located in C:\PHP\



7. Install WordPress

ONow we need to install WordPress, go to the official WordPress page and download the latest version of the CMS.

After download, unzip the ZIP file you just downloaded into the root directory of the web server, in this case C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wordpress. (you can also install WordPress in the root directory, deleting all files located in C:\intepub\wwwroot and extract all the files in this position, without using the wordpress subfolder)

QThen re-open your browser and visit the main page http://localhost or http://localhost/wordpress if you copied the whole folder.

WordPress installation will greet you asking the access parameters to the database. Enter those listed above and continue with Start Installation
install wordpress on iis - starts installing WordPress



8. Setup your new site

Last step is to set your preferences, and continue. At the end of your new WordPress site page load will be finally ready.

install wordpress on iis - Set up your new site


How do you see install WordPress on IIS is really simple.


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To successfully install PHP Manager on Windows 10 Change the key in the registry “RegEdit”


MajorVersion = a must be change with 7


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