How to install windows server 2016

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Install Windows Server 2016, it is relatively simple, not much different from other versions of Microsoft’s operating systems.


On the official website is available a trial version for 180 days. Unfortunately, the downloads are restricted only to users who have an account, if you still do not have a Microsoft or Hotmail account, just create one (see how to create a Hotmail account).


The first thing to do is to create the bootable disk if you chose to download the ISO version (see how to make bootable USB device), or open the virtual disk if you have chosen to download the VHD version.



1. Boot from USB / DVD

Once the disc has been created, reboot the PC by selecting boot from USB.

When you first start Windows Server 2016, it allows us to choose language in which we want to install the new operating system, date and time format which will be used, and default keyboard layout.

install windows server 2016 choice language


2. Installation Type

You can choice at this point what system you like to test, the installer provides four kind of server variants

  • Standard Edition NO graphical interface
  • Standard Edition WITH GUI
  • Datacenter Edition NO graphical interface
  • Datacenter Edition WITH graphical interface

install windows server 2016 choose operating system type



3. Disk Partitioning

Choose the type you want, it is time to partition your drive, (see how to partition your disk during the Windows installation), if it is an installation on a new disc, you can select to install windows server 2016, using the entire disk. In this way, the operating system will partition the drive in the best way.

install windows server 2016 partitioning



Copying Files

At this point, proceeding with Next, your Server installation will be written to disk, you just wait for the completion of copying the files.


Password Administrator

The last step, before you can see the server in action, is creating the administrator password, try to choose complex password, but still be able to remember in time, then when you are ready, select Finish complete the installation.

install windows server 2016 sets the password for administrator



Windows Server 2016 is finally ready. If you installed the GUI version, this will be the result.
install windows server 2016 installation completed



At this point you can set all new services made available by server manager, or use PowerShell console.


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