How to install VMware Workstation on Windows

VMware Workstation is the virtualization environment created by VMware Inc. available for both Windows and Linux.


Installing VMware Workstation does not require more than five minutes. The steps to follow are very simple.


How to Install VMware Workstation

Step 1. Download VMware Workstation

The trial version is available for download at the official web site. Visit the VMware site and accept cookies.
Install VMware Workstation Step 1 - Accept cookies


Step 2. Choose the version that suits your operating system

VMware Workstation is available for both 64-bit and 64-bit Linux.
Choose the right version for your operating system


Step 3. Start installation

When the download completes, launches the executable and accepts the security alert to start the installation.
Start installation and accept the terms of Security Notice


Step 4. Accept the license terms

In order to continue, you must agree to the WMware license terms.
Accepts VMware Inc. license terms


Step 5. Choose the destination path

Choose the location where you want to install VMware (you can also leave the default one for convenience), and accept to install additional keyboard drivers, this will require a PC restart after the installation setup ends.
Choose where you want to install VMware


Step 6. Choose how to check for updates

By selecting the first option, you agree to check if new updates are available each time virtual machine startup. With second option you agree to send anonymous information about using WMware, so you can help to improve the software. Select the options you feel most appropriate.
Choose whether to check updates every time you restart VMware, and send if you want to send anonymous stats


Step 7. Quick Shortcuts

You can now choose the shortcuts you want to use. The first option allows you to create a shortcut on the Desktop, while the second creates new entry on Windows Start button.
Select the shortcuts to create


Step 8. Copying Files

Continue and wait until installer finish to copying the files on disk.
Wait for the installer to finish


Step 9. Restart (Optional)

When you are finished installing VMware, we recommend that you restart your operating system.
Restart tour operating system


Now the installation is complete, you can add all virtual machines you like and start testing different operating systems.
VMware Workstation Pro is ready to start


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