How to install Oracle VM Virtual Box on Windows

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Have different operating systems, it was once a real mange. we had to be installed on the same machine multiple operating systems, could not do intuitively for non-expert user, and often fatal errors coming, which sometime meant to irreversible loss of data.
Someone on the other hand, chose to have several computers with different operating systems.

Today the question is much simplified using of virtual machines.

These are nothing more than software to be installed in your PC, which allow to create a real own virtual PC, that’s bootable within a click.

With this simple system you can have at your fingertips dozens of operating systems, even to test new features.

The use of a virtual machine is very safe, as it is often download software or games from the internet, you may run, in situations where these files contain malware or highly invasive advertising.

Before you install on our PC, software that don’t know the reliability, we can make an installation on the virtual machine, so no matter what happens, the problem is still limited in the virtual machine, which can be easily restored.

Oracle VM Virtual Box

One of this kind of software is Virtual Box, created by Oracle team.
Virtual Box is a very powerful tool, allows you to create virtual machines, and supporting processor technologies in 32 and 64bit.

Let’s look closely at how to work with


First, visit the official website VM Virtual Box and accept cookies.
Accept cookies


Let us go to the download section.
download vm virtual box


We have to select version that corresponds to our operating system, in this case the one currently in use, and NOT what we would like to have as a new operating system.
select the virtual machine that suits your operating system


When download is complete, launch the executable.
Proceed with the installation


Leave unchanged the default settings, so let’s move on to the requiring of the network interface driver.
install network interface


We complete the installation by clicking on Install, and if necessary, when Oracle asked us permission to install some drivers, we always give a positive consensus.
install the USB drivers


In short time VirtualBox is installed on our operating system, last click on Finish.
installation completed

Well at this point, we have our tool box, enriched with a powerful new tool.

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