How to connect to remote host with SSH

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Usually to connect our pc, to another computer on the network, remote host, it is a simple machine in our office, or a remote server, the most widely used protocol is SSH.

Secure Shell

SSH or Secure Shell is absolutelty the most used protocol for encrypted networks communication in the world.
SSH has replaced the old and loved telnet, which allowed us to connect to any machine, with the disadvantage that all of our data, were transmitted was clear.

Secure Shell provides the connection with public keys exchange, according to the SSH-1 and SSH2.

The client – PuTTY

To open a channel with an SSH machine the first thing to do is get a client.

Simple to use and light is PuTTY go and download

SSH client - PuTTY

Select the installer depending on your operating system (the link .msi) to use 32 or 64 bits.


Once you downloaded the installer will lead you step by step until the end, you can use the parameters already set by default, click next.
In case you want a desktop shortcut  select the option as shown in figure
install putty ssh client


Connect to remote host

To connect to remote server, open PuTTY and enter the IP address or the name of the machine to achieve.
Connect to remote host

Press Enter or click Open.

In case your server will notice that you have a non-validated certificate, just choose to continue, click “Yes” to start the session.


The last step required is authentication, at this point you just have to enter your username and password.

If everything goes well the server should respond with a welcome message
login to remote host

From this point, you can use any command that remote operating system provides.

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