How to clear Chrome history

Last updated on April 19th, 2017 at 07:54 pm

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If you frequently surf the internet on other PCs, and you don’t know how to clear Chrome history, this guide is for you.

Delete browsing data, also optimizes the speed of your browser, here’s how to clear Chrome history in five easy steps.



1. Open Google Chrome

The first thing to do is open Google Chrome. Chrome is usually placed as a link on the desktop, or you can find it from the Start menu.

how to clear Chrome history - step 1. Open Google Chrome from your desktop or start menu


2. Clear browsing data

From the top menu on the right depicting three points, placed on Tools > Clear browsing data… (you can also use the keyboard shortcuts by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Delete)
Select Tools - Delete browsing data


3. Choose the time range to be deleted

The first important choice to make is which time frame you want to remove from your history, the choices are

  • Last Hour
  • The last day
  • Last week
  • Last four weeks
  • All

Select time range to delete


4. Choose what kind of information to be deleted

Having defined the time range, you can choose what you want to delete from your history, the options are

  • Browsing history: Delete the pages that have been visited
  • History files: deletes all files that were made
  • Cookies: Delete all cookies that have been downloaded while surfing
  • Images and cached files: selecting this option all image files are also deleted as gif, etc. gpeg that they are stored by Chrome.
  • Password: remove all the passwords you have chosen to save whenever you have placed an access to a protected site such as emails, facebook, twitter etc.
  • Auto-filling modules: with this option, all data on the master data will be erased, that surfing the internet normally fill such as address, phone numbers, emails, etc.
  • Come hosted apps: This option will erase all data extensions that have been stored in the chosen period of time
  • Media Licenses: If during navigation you accepted your multimedia licenses, the latter will be deleted.

Choose which data to delete


5. Delete history permanently

Once you have chosen all the settings, before proceeding make sure you’ve selected the right parameters, once deleted data you can not retrieve them.
Delete history permanently
At this point you just have to go to Clear browsing data.


Confirmed your choice, within seconds your browsing data will be deleted.

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