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Help us in our (im)possible venture to build the largest community of IT computer guides in the world.
There are many ways to contribute to the development of WikiRails, below according to your preferences the starting points to help us the growth uor and your community.

1. Write a guide

The best way to expand the knowledge helping other people is to write a guide. You can create as many guides as you like, inherent in any computer operations.

2. Improvements

If you write a whole article is currently not your passion, or you have some free time, you can help improve the existing content, correcting grammatical errors, and / or improving the SEO content, in this way you will help us reach ever users.

3. New proposals

You have new proposals to us? You can write in the forum your proposal and relate with other users.

4. Visual improvements

If you are a fan or an experienced graphic artist, you can contribute to the creation of the guide covers. Our intention is not to use photos or existing material to build a cover, but to create a cover page using the guidelines of the Material Design .

5. Voicing WikiRails

Help us to make known to the world WikiRails, share our guides on social networks, word of mouth is one of the best ways to expand this community.

5. Translations

One of the main objectives is the dissemination of knowledge, you can make a valuable contribution to translating the guide in your native language whatever it is.


Your contribution is the most important thing for us. Whatever it is, deepening already one of the topics, write a new guide, to introduce something new, or translate a guide.

Whichever way you want to help us you we will always be grateful.



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