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Our vision

WikiRails is a free tutorial and how to website It’s main purpose is to provide high-quality material.

Courses, tutorial, tricks, source code, and other resources, to better face the computer’s world.

Our mission is to bring to everyone information technology, for neophyte user moves for the first time, or to give exhaustive highly material to the industry professional.

Imagine a world where anyone can easily learn how to do something he does not know.

A world in which everyone can have access to the complete instructions, provided by experts, and in multiple languages, allowing billions of people to improve their lives.

This is the world we want to create.


Help us to grow this community, we need your support.
Whatever your contribution, a mini tutorial to configure the email, or how to develop software, or want to share your experiences, how you solved a complex work, or just translate content into your native language.

Our world is open to all

Your contribution is more valuable than a donation, as a donation helps keep our online servers, but your direct contribution will help thousands of people overcome a problem.